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Welcome to the personal pages of Persephone Yavanna the Entwife, the UnInitiated UnHighPriestess of the UnCoven of the Solitaries.

I live in New York City and am a native New Yorker. After having visited many cities all over the world, I truly believe this is the greatest city on earth in which to live.

Here you'll find links to several of my blogs, so you can read more about me, both in terms of my life & experiences and in terms of the opinions I hold on various topics.

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I have 3 cats -- Freya, Durga, and Bes.


Most of my friends do not have webpages.
A few do, and here they are, if you care to visit them . . .


I like gardening, cooking, classical music, ballet, opera, heavy metal, mythology, chemistry and creating web pages. I have several blogs I update on a semi-irregular basis, in part because I enjoy travel & have been a globe-trotter for quite a few years. Foreign travel has also caused me to pick up at least a smattering of a goodly number of the world's languages (everything from Czech to Chinese to Malay) although I consider myself fluent in only three -- French, Spanish and German.

I also enjoy astrology, both Eastern as well as Western. For the curious among you, I am an Aries Fire Horse with a Capricorn ascendant and a stellium in Pisces, born in the hour of the Ox in the month of the Dragon. So now that you know how old I am, you'll also notice that in both astrological systems I am a combination of Fire, Earth and Water. Given my volcanic tendency to let off quite a bit of steam, getting me angry is not a good idea. Like most volcanos, though, I am usually quiet -- but when I'm active, look out!